Who is Lifeist?

About us

CannMart MD was created in order to provide a future where those in need of medical cannabis could have access to it without hassle or judgment. The dream was to enable these people with a way to acquire it from the comfort of their own homes, quickly and securely. This would allow those incapable of going through the rigorous process of gaining a prescription access to medical cannabis like never before. Now that dream is

being realised. With the use of cutting-edge modern technology, CannMart MD has revolutionized the Canadian cannabis industry by turning people’s homes into medical consultation practises. Patients are now able to use the CannMart web platform to arrange a complimentary telemedical consultation with a trained nurse practitioner, and speak to them face-to-face using their computer camera.

What makes us different?

Our service allows people to be put in contact with trained health professionals experienced specifically in medical cannabis practices.

CannMart MD offers the only free telemedical cannabis consultation and prescription service in Canada.

The service enables people to have their consultation in the safety and comfort of their own homes.

Our Vision

At CannMart MD we use the latest innovations in telemedicine to ensure that patients across the country can have access to the health care that they need. We are committed to ensuring that anyone can have a consultation on their terms, when they want, and from wherever they are. We are dedicated to using the latest in telemedicine technology to guarantee that every Canadian citizen can get the medical cannabis care they need.

Who is CannMart MD?

Lifeist Wellness is a global leader in the sale of medical cannabis consumption devices. Lifeist will continue to develop and acquire innovative technologies which will provide value to the Company and to its shareholders as well as to the broader cannabis market.

Lifeist has nine offices with multiple distribution centers around the globe and operates over 30 websites under various brands. Lifeist has developed innovative technology platforms including CannMartMD.com, Canada’s first ACMPR compliant telemedicine application. The company is focused on patient acquisition through CannMartMD and intends on building Canada’s largest database of medical cannabis patients. The company’s subsidiary, CannMart Inc. is an ACMPR Licensed Producer with a “sales-only” license, whereby the company will offer a large variety of medical cannabis sourced from domestic and international producers.

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